Welcome to the website of Wajiha Hyder: writer, editor, journalist, dilettante and accidental accountant living in the magical city of Lahore. She does some regular mundane stuff like writing and editing, along with some extremely important things like raising her three children and taking care of her cat, Cocomo.

She mainly writes features and personal essays, her primary areas of interest being culture, books, the publishing industry, and social issues, among others. Currently, she is the editor of the Books and Travel sections for The News on Sunday (TNS), a local English weekly magazine.

Her online journal, which she has maintained since 2008, is as journal-ly as you may expect it to be. It is mostly about her, people who irritate her (or not), stuff that she likes (or not), her opinion about life in general and everything that forms a part of it. Like any obedient journal, it occasionally serves as a blank slate for her to practice the art of writing, whenever that happens that is. She insists that like any good journal, it does not have to always make sense to the outside world. However, she does not journal frequently (a thing that she’s been wanting to change for quite some time now) and goes on excruciating hiatuses at times. But, she always returns.

Apart from doing all the writer-y stuff, she is also a regular book hoarder who likes putting up pictures of her masters (aka books) on her Instagram from time to time. She’s also been thinking of upping her reading game and, eventually, venturing into the big bad world of book reviews. Maybe, this year.

For commissions, editing or content production projects, you can contact her at You can also get in touch with her on Twitter or Instagram.


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