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The News on Sunday (TNS)

The new in the old rishta culture

There is a view that an arranged marriage is essentially the only form of respectable marriage

Violence in hospitals

To minimise violence in hospitals, effective strategies need to be devised and put in place

Parenting a Gen Z-er

While they’re much more protected than their parents were as kids, these children are free in their minds like the earlier generations never were

Of rude awakenings

The dilemma of people working for lower than the minimum monthly wage

In the land of emojis

The internet is changing the way we communicate — maybe it’s time to embrace this fact

Let’s find a dustbin

Perhaps it is our collective laziness and impatience that shadows our basic civic sense

The lawn dilemma

In Pakistan, summer literally means the unveiling of all kinds of ‘designer’ lawn, a phenomenon as weird as it is new

Quality, training, hygiene…

The need has now arisen to be more proactive about effective quality control measures in daycare facilities. Here’s a checklist

Peace through arts

It is it vital for cultural exchanges to continue between the two countries

Social media gags

Digital rights activists, Asad Baig, Nighat Dad, Farieha Aziz and Shahzad Ahmad share their concerns

Academia to industry and back

The linkage between the industry and educational institutions has been broken for a long time now

January 2019/ When the clock strikes 11

Will the new extension in timings of wedding functions prove to be effective?

Parents’ predicament

As worried parents, what should we do about the growing drugs abuse among school going children?

December 2018/ Something unequivocally classic about reading in winters

As winter settles in, do your reading preferences change?

Books by design

How else will more readers be drawn towards Urdu books before reading them — except by how they look?

‘Blessed’ or ‘White’…, if you like

This year too, the Lahoris joined in the most covetous retail event. And it was frightfully bizarre

November 2018/ Living in the future

The digital age has arrived and is here to stay

October 2018/ The award and the G-B problem

The province is in a never-ending state of limbo

October 2018/ The final hour

No Time To Sleep, depicting the last 24 hours in the life of a prisoner on death row, could be viewed as a conversation starter — on the highly contentious issue of capital punishment

October 2018/ The ‘fine’ lines

Barely a week since the new system became effective, some 5,000 e-challans are estimated to have been issued for different traffic violations on city roads on a daily basis

September 2018/ Conversing with books

Should a book be left unmarked in its original form or should it merely act as a vessel to hold the readers’ ideas? Throwing open the marginalia debate…

September 2018/ An Asghari reboot

Ajanta Theatre’s bracingly sentimental debut takes up the ‘perfect girl’ Asghari from Nazir Ahmad Dehlvi’s popular Urdu novel, Mirat-ul-Uroos

September 2018/ “I have not put Manto on a pedestal”

Interview of Nandita Das

A ‘chai wala’ with an incredible gift for the fine art of painting

August 2018/ Why tea isn’t our national drink

What is a nice cup of tea really, and who gets to gauge the level of its niceness?

August 2018/ The more the messier

Campaign banners serve whosoever is willing to pay top rupee. But what becomes of them once the elections are done?

July 2018/ Writer’s best friend

Meows or muse, cats have provided many a writer with the much-needed inspiration

July 2018/ Mixed-traffic woes

All sorts of vehicles out on the same roads means more than just congestion. A lot needs to be done to help the situation

July 2018/ Ode to my alma mater

You may love your school or hate it, but you cannot be indifferent about the time you spent in that place


October 2018/ On plagiarism in journalism

September 2018/ Online sexism is killing me

Pakistan Today

April 2018/ Pakistan at bottom in gender equality at work index

March 2018/ Pakistan’s problem with women in power

March 2018/ Lahore Literary Festival 2018: A celebration of literature, art and culture

February 2018/ Pluralism an antidote to rising extremism: Reza Aslan at LLF

February 2018/ Riz Ahmed steals the show on LLF opening day

February 2018/ Justice for Mashal Khan is good, preventing such monstrosities from happening is better

January 2018/ Zainab case investigation leaves a lot to be desired

August 2017/ On travelling and modern nomadism

July 2017/ The Forgotten Children

July 2017/ The Child Left Behind

July 2017/ The paradox of poverty

June 2017/ Misogyny at work

June 2011/ Fruit, fruit everywhere?

June 2017/ Informal labour exploitation in Pakistan

The Missing Slate (Literary Journal)

August 2012/ In Pursuit of Words

Winter 2012/ The Gender Complex

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