Absurdism at its best

Excerpts from: Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot.”


I get used to the muck as I go along.


( after prolonged reflection) . Is that the opposite?


Question of temperament.


Of character.


Nothing you can do about it.


No use struggling.


One is what one is.


No use wriggling.


The essential doesn’t change.”


Ah! Why couldn’t you say so before? Why he doesn’t make himself comfortable? Let’s try and get this clear. Has he not the right to? Certainly he has. It follows that he doesn’t want to. There’s reasoning for you. And why doesn’t he want to? ( Pause. ) Gentlemen, the reason is this.


( to Estragon) . Make a note of this.


He wants to impress me, so that I’ll keep him.”


What is terrible is to have thought.


But did that ever happen to us?


Where are all these corpses from?


These skeletons.


Tell me that.




We must have thought a little.”

Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot

“The general considered that the girls’ taste and good sense should be allowed to develop and mature deliberately, and that the parents’ duty should merely be to keep watch, in order that no strange or undesirable choice be made; but that the selection once effected, both father and mother were bound from that moment to enter heart and soul into the cause, and to see that the matter progressed without hindrance until the altar should be happily reached.”

“I used to watch the line where earth and sky met, and longed to go and seek there the key of all mysteries, thinking that I might find there a new life, perhaps some great city where life should be grander and richer—and then it struck me that life may be grand enough even in a prison.’”

“Once I am rich, I shall be a genius, an extremely original man. One of the vilest and most hateful things connected with money is that it can buy even talent; and will do so as long as the world lasts. You will say that this is childish—or romantic.”

“What is a terrible disgrace to a woman, does not disgrace a man, at least not in the same way. Perhaps public opinion is wrong in condemning one sex, and excusing the other.”

“In such circumstances there can, of course, be no doubt. One’s conscience very soon informs one what is the proper narrative to tell. I admit, that among the many silly and thoughtless actions of my life, the memory of one comes prominently forward and reminds me that it lay long like a stone on my heart.”

The Idiot (1869)
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Written on 7th January, 2013

Today, at the breakfast table, I had the most interesting conversation with the 9 year old. She was inquisitive about why most of what we do in life doesn’t revolve around us despite it being given to us as our own. Her case was simple, if life is what we deem it is, we must make the most of it— that is with the share that we supposedly have, without being overly concerned about the judgment of people around us. But this simple argument of hers left me wondering about much more than it apparently suggests. I did not know what to say really. Life, I wanted to tell her, is not as simple as it may appear to a child. But i didn’t, because i was not sure of it myself. I have never been sure of what life really is. Perhaps life is as simple as a child would like to think of it, but as we grow older we tend to complicate it, like we tend to complicate everything else associated with it. I don’t know. I never will. I think.

My children; how they bewilder me at times with their seemingly innocent questions.



You know I wish I’d never do things with too much assurance. Like it or not, I almost always do it wrong, whatever I do with a bit too much assurance. I don’t know why though. There are certain resolutions in my life that I should’ve thought a lot before making, but I didn’t because yours truly doesn’t ever think before doing anything— that’s yours truly’s greatest forte; if not the only one. And to top it off, once I get to realize that I took a stupid turn, I can’t change it. Most often than not, I force myself to stay with it. Whatever may come. My ego doesn’t permit to admit it to myself that whatever turn I took was probably a wrong turn. Hence I have to live with it for life. How amazing can life be? One is in control of one’s life without having an iota of control in it. I use ‘in’ deliberately.

What was the point of this particular post? Nothing. But does everything have to have a point? No. In fact most of the things in life are pointless—The best of things actually. I don’t even know what the title of this post should be. But is a title even necessary? Why can’t we leave things without having the necessity to name them? Why must we name everything? There are things, which cannot be named, usually some of the most amazing things in life. Also, isn’t the ‘title’ always optional? So why this fixation with naming everything? Names are boring, branding is boring, and categorizing anything is boring.

Let’s have fun. Let’s be nameless, for once.

In the Summer Time

Yes, you’re right, the blog does look different. I change my blog theme so much, I have actually lost track of the exact number of times. But I think this one was a little overdue and well, i just wanted it really bad this time, for quite a lot of unimportant reasons.

So well, a week has passed since I last posted eh?! And a lot has happened since then. Summer vacations have begun for one, entertaining me in every possible way that one can imagine. (Not). And to think of the fact that I was counting days for the summer break to commence! It is absolutely funny how human beings want one thing, on the accomplishment of which, they immediately start wishing for its exact opposite; never satisfied, always impatient.

Now that I am at home more often than not and can start working on the various projects that I have been meaning to for the longest time, I have somehow forgotten how to even begin!

When they can’t have fun in the sun, they have fun indoors. And what fun!

I have come to realise that there is always an excuse and always that little something that stands in your way; especially if you’re working from home or even thinking about embarking on this seemingly exciting venture. Exactly what’s happening with me right now (Read: What has ‘always’ been happening with me). And it is such a toughie, I tell you, such an ultimate toughie. Sigh.

But I do believe that I will eventually get over this current problem of mine and that these little excuses will somehow vanish all of a sudden, preferably on their own. Quite specifically this heat problem. The heat in this city is increasingly turning into a bitch, and a noticeably mean one at that. So don’t blame me if I can’t work, blame the bloody heat.

Gah! I am in love with this theme; for the moment at least. I trust this shall stay with me for some time. Oh and I remember that a post on parking my car in a junkyard is in order, with pictures of course:)

Soon. Very soon!