To Stay

Please stop this nonsense. My ears are now sick of hearing this noise.
I do not know how naive you think we are and I do not know how much of this foul game of yours we can endure.
But, I’m done.
I’m so done and so sick of this ridiculousness that you think you can easily get away with.
And are. But. For how long?
Life is an amusing thing. We think we cannot go on, we think one more day will be enough to drive us mad.
But somewhere deep down inside of us, we also believe that our life can somehow change, and that our circumstances will one day, change.
But that hope is disappearing fast, there’s so much unabashed pain wherever we look we feel like running away.
But to stay. And to endure. And to look misery in its eye and say, I’m not afraid.
To stay.