Hello, 2019

It is now my time to finally move on... Last time I wrote on this blog, it was 2017 and my life was much different from the way it seems right now. 2018 brought with it a lot of changes. Many that I liked, many that I didn't; but mostly those that were necessary. It … Continue reading Hello, 2019

Of food and other assorted tales

Yesterday, I came across this post by Deborah Bryan which made me think about another one of my new year’s resolutions. Ah yes. I have many of ‘em, many—Like every year. Le sigh. Well, I have been seriously avoiding myself of late, I use 'avoid' here because that’s exactly what I mean. I do not … Continue reading Of food and other assorted tales

Just another New Year’s Resolution

So it's that time of the year again. Where we stop making sense and start making resolutions. Actually the time has come and gone but well, it’s never really late to straighten up your life. Many would say the realization in itself is half of the issue solved— the realization that there is something essentially … Continue reading Just another New Year’s Resolution