In Pursuit of Words

  “Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all” ― Charles Bukowski, The Last Night of the Earth Poems I have recently made a ritual of meeting with my computer every night, in the anticipation of putting something on to that numbingly blank Word page. Most nights however, I wind up our tête-à-tête … Continue reading In Pursuit of Words


I do realise that i have been quite unhinged these past few months. Yes, unhinged would be the right word i assume. Changing the title of my blog, making my tweets private, then the very next day making them available for public, changing the themes of my blog incessantly every other day. Well that's basically a … Continue reading Sighness

A mother’s love

I loved today. I finished my work early and now am about to hit the bed! Life can be so much more bearable if you just plan it well. But planning is the only thing I do well, unfortunately. Anyway, Ammi and Masooma left for the city of lights yesterday, for a period of three … Continue reading A mother’s love

Of diaries and the years gone by

The internet has not been working that well of late; which at last has provided me with a few precious moments to inscribe some of the thoughts that have been dwelling in my ever perplexed mind these days. I must confess that writing has been a custom with me ever since I was a young … Continue reading Of diaries and the years gone by

I found a way

I must confess that blogging has hit me very late. I was not in the favour of it; not in the least bit. I just didn’t realize what good it could do to anyone to be pouring out their everyday ramblings on a thing as public as the internet. But now I know better. I … Continue reading I found a way