To change or not to change

For these past few days, I have been wondering whether I should slip back to my old blog title or keep using the new one. I cannot decide of course, as with so many other things in my life. Decision making has not been the strongest of my attributes, sadly. Well, here’s the thing, most [...]


I do realise that i have been quite unhinged these past few months. Yes, unhinged would be the right word i assume. Changing the title of my blog, making my tweets private, then the very next day making them available for public, changing the themes of my blog incessantly every other day. Well that's basically a [...]

Mommy is scared of boogie-men!!

It’s almost 2 in the morning and I am sitting here in my room, fully freaked out. Damn my love for everything paranormal, I just couldn’t resist ‘Supernatural’ that I accidently (and quite regrettably now) bumped into, while surfing channels. So, yeah, I deliberately got myself scared and now I just cannot sleep. The awful [...]