Where in the whole wide world have i been? That can be one of the questions, yes. Well, many different things, a lot of significant/insignificant stuff has been keeping me busy. But let's leave it for another day. For today however, I just wanted to share this little card that lil Miss A drew for … Continue reading Love

Starry eyed Wonders

Dressed in white and black, my dolls looked and felt likequeens today. This was their day, their way. Mommy had made sure thateverything happened exactly like they wanted.They enjoyed every single moment ofit, fact is, even I haven’t enjoyed this much lately.Being revisited by the magic of childhood is just so divine.Not a single soul … Continue reading Starry eyed Wonders

A mother’s love

I loved today. I finished my work early and now am about to hit the bed! Life can be so much more bearable if you just plan it well. But planning is the only thing I do well, unfortunately. Anyway, Ammi and Masooma left for the city of lights yesterday, for a period of three … Continue reading A mother’s love


Sometimes when I look at my 6 year old, I see my reflection in her. Her dreams, her aspirations are so innocent but so concrete as if nothing’s big enough or strong enough to stand in her way. The other day she was telling me that she would want to become a painter, an astronaut … Continue reading Dreams