Me, myself and my soul sister

What sort of a blogger writes a post after a lapse of almost a month and has the nerve to be proud of that too?! Answer: An extremely lazy one like myeslf! And yes, I’ve tried over and over again to rid myself of this horrible writing routine but shucks, wouldn’t I lose half of who I am … Continue reading Me, myself and my soul sister

Of diaries and the years gone by

The internet has not been working that well of late; which at last has provided me with a few precious moments to inscribe some of the thoughts that have been dwelling in my ever perplexed mind these days. I must confess that writing has been a custom with me ever since I was a young … Continue reading Of diaries and the years gone by

I found a way

I must confess that blogging has hit me very late. I was not in the favour of it; not in the least bit. I just didn’t realize what good it could do to anyone to be pouring out their everyday ramblings on a thing as public as the internet. But now I know better. I … Continue reading I found a way