About Me

Hello, I am Wajiha, a journalist/writer living in the magical city of Lahore. I do some regular mundane stuff like writing, editing, content producing along with some extremely important stuff like raising my three children and taking care of my cat.

I mainly write about culture, human rights, social issues, social media and urban life. Currently I work for a local weekly newspaper, The News on Sunday and manage the magazine’s Books page. Apart from that, I am your regular book hoarder who likes putting up pictures of her loyal subjects (aka books) on Instagram. I am also thinking of upping my reading game (for the longest time now) and eventually venturing into the big bad world of book reviews.

I keep a journal on the website, which is mostly about me, people around me, things that I’m passionate about, or not, for that matter of fact. It also occasionally functions as a blank slate for me to practice my writing, whenever that happens.

I do not write very regularly (a thing that I’d like to change) and go on excruciating hiatuses at times. But I always return.

I do hope you like what you read here and that it gives you some respite, even for a little while.

For commissions, freelance editing or content writing projects, I can be reached at wajiha.hyder9@gmail.com.