A little resolution…yet again.

In order to drastically change one’s behavior, a drastic change in the way one thinks is imperative. It is not a conclusive statement of course, just something that I have deduced after living with myself for more than three decades. You are bound to repeat the same behavior that you adopted yesterday if a conscious break somewhere doesn’t occur. In order for that very break to happen, your whole world, the world as you know it, needs to turn upside down. You need to actively stop yourself from following the same routine you embraced yesterday. But if somehow you manage to break it once, next time it may become easier. Procrastination hence, is not something you do fondly… it is more like compulsive behaviour. You detest it but despite all the revulsion you feel towards it you are forced to bow down to it, even when you loathe what it brings. And I would know, since every bone in my body at the moment is forcing me to go back to procrastinating, to thinking that I can do it all tomorrow. When in reality, that tomorrow never comes.

It may sound as clichéd as ever, but what I really have is today. Right now. And well, to tell you the truth, that right now is no more than just three weeks. So if I don’t start studying right this very moment, I am technically screwed.


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