Of food and other assorted tales

Yesterday, I came across this post by Deborah Bryan which made me think about another one of my new year’s resolutions. Ah yes. I have many of ‘em, many—Like every year. Le sigh.

Well, I have been seriously avoiding myself of late, I use ‘avoid’ here because that’s exactly what I mean. I do not want to be alone with myself anymore, a thing that I usually enjoyed some time back. But that’s a story that deserves an entire post to itself.

I also neglected myself a lot last year, due to certain unavoidable factors, which unfortunately resulted in a slight increase in my weight, a thing that has never happened to me before. Now I must confess, I am a foodie, I love food; i live for it. I am the sort of person who’d keep an eye on the roadside billboards to see if any new eatery has opened in town, and usually among the first ones to go try it out. So yes, I dream food, live food. For me, to actually try and resist food is a huge, huge issue. But as they say, what you’re in your 30’s, you’d probably stay like that forever— Weight wise, strictly speaking. Quite frankly, i’m not a teenager anymore so I’d better not act like one too.  So recently, I have adopted this five meals a day routine where I don’t go out of the way to limit my diet (because let’s just admit it, I can’t). I just eat whatever has been cooked at home, in very small amounts. That way, I can usually eat all the things I want but obviously not in the typical enormous amounts that I used to pamper myself with until sometime back. One doesn’t ‘go’ on a diet, as is misunderstood generally; one has to opt for a lifestyle change. Due to which you need to stick to something you can probably stick to forever. Quite frankly, I do not think I can handle liquid diets, protein diets or any such crash diets, I don’t know much about them, but from the sound of what i’ve heard and read about them, they just don’t seem right.

So there! Let’s see where this leads me.  I seriously hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of those New Year resolutions which collapse after the first month.

I’ve got them fingers crossed. Aye!

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