You know I wish I’d never do things with too much assurance. Like it or not, I almost always do it wrong, whatever I do with a bit too much assurance. I don’t know why though. There are certain resolutions in my life that I should’ve thought a lot before making, but I didn’t because yours truly doesn’t ever think before doing anything— that’s yours truly’s greatest forte; if not the only one. And to top it off, once I get to realize that I took a stupid turn, I can’t change it. Most often than not, I force myself to stay with it. Whatever may come. My ego doesn’t permit to admit it to myself that whatever turn I took was probably a wrong turn. Hence I have to live with it for life. How amazing can life be? One is in control of one’s life without having an iota of control in it. I use ‘in’ deliberately.

What was the point of this particular post? Nothing. But does everything have to have a point? No. In fact most of the things in life are pointless—The best of things actually. I don’t even know what the title of this post should be. But is a title even necessary? Why can’t we leave things without having the necessity to name them? Why must we name everything? There are things, which cannot be named, usually some of the most amazing things in life. Also, isn’t the ‘title’ always optional? So why this fixation with naming everything? Names are boring, branding is boring, and categorizing anything is boring.

Let’s have fun. Let’s be nameless, for once.

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