Book collection
Book collection (Photo credit: Ian Wilson)

To tell you the truth, I was a bit apprehensive about joining GoodReads at first; but since I have been joining almost every other networking site these days, I thought why not give it a shot as well. So I joined GoodReads last year. I still have three books (or maybe four) enlisted in there— with one that I have apparently been reading ever since I joined the thing. Though I do believe that have read a couple of more books than that in my life.

Good thing about Good Reads is the fact that now I get to keep a register of all the books that I have managed to read in my life, get embarrassed, and therefore make a marked effort to increase the sorry number. That and the obvious fact that I (finally) get the opportunity to write book reviews! I am already getting thrilled to do so now. Kind of like publishing your own book if no one else would do it for you, no?  On a serious note however, reviewing a book is definitely good for memory. For I’d love to go back to it someday and read what I thought of it and how it made me feel at that particular point in time. Different books affect us differently in different phases of life. I re-read Wuthering Heights last year and interestingly I could understand it from so many unusual angles than I could at the age of sixteen.  In this way alone, I feel, a novel has a life of its own and I would very much like to store my experience of it at a certain point in time for future appreciation.

On a lighter note however, I can use a diary or a journal for the said purpose. There’s precisely no need to be extravagant, but my indulgences usually tend to get the better of me. And technology is an old fetish. Sigh. I confess; I have my issues—bizarre at that.

So yeah, someday, I’ll update my profile on Good Reads and actually list the books I’ve read but until then the prospect of writing a book review shall be enough to keep me keyed up!

Yes, I am a child that way.


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