Current Read: The Age of Innocence

This book had been sitting on my bookshelf since I don’t remember when. My long lost love of classics drove me to get it one day, with me secretly blaming myself for not having thought of doing that before. But honestly, it took me a while to get down to actually turning its pages, perhaps because I have not been in tune with classics for quite some time now. But really, what an absolute delight it has been!And much better than the movie, I tell you. The detailed narratives sometimes do get a little monotonous at times, yes, but on the whole, I’m  definitely loving this little gem that I got myself acquainted with.


Oh and by the way, I also started reading this crappy book a few days back, Darkness Falls, which I still do not understand why I even bothered to buy. Perhaps because of its cover, which was definitely enticing. Needless to say, I shall refrain from judging any book by its cover from now on.

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