I do realise that i have been quite unhinged these past few months. Yes, unhinged would be the right word i assume. Changing the title of my blog, making my tweets private, then the very next day making them available for public, changing the themes of my blog incessantly every other day. Well that’s basically a usual thing for me but have been doing it much more than ‘the usual’ lately. Le Sigh. Coming up with fresh blogs, transferring blogs to new domains, changing dp’s, changing dp’s some more. Damn. I’ve seriously lost it and I know that I have.

But to anyone who’s been following my unfortunate journey on cyberspace and people who do not know me well enough, i must clarify that yours truly has NOT been like this since forever. I also do not intend to carry on with this strange behaviour for long. It’s getting on my own (already tired) nerves now. But even the steadiest of people have their share of bad days, unfortunately:-( So please, until I go back to being the way I was not too long ago, (which will be very soon, i promise!) please bear with the changed theme of my blog every time you visit!!

Thankew! 😀

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