Mommy is scared of boogie-men!!

It’s almost 2 in the morning and I am sitting here in my room, fully freaked out. Damn my love for everything paranormal, I just couldn’t resist ‘Supernatural’ that I accidently (and quite regrettably now) bumped into, while surfing channels. So, yeah, I deliberately got myself scared and now I just cannot sleep. The awful things I do to myself. Sigh. It’s quite obvious now that i’d be spending the whole night with my eyes open. The only question is how to spend some four odd hours till the break of dawn.

Well for one, there’s this wonderful book that I have been ‘trying’ to read for a long time now but just don’t get enough time for. I can finish reading that. Naaah! What if i look up momentarily and…… NO. Too big a risk to be taken. Yes. Those horrific news channels then? They always keep one entertained, people chattering nonstop, constant entertainment. Could be considered, but no, it won’t do. Too much noise, too much monotonous news and too many unpleasant faces… I think I shall pass.

Perfect, the lights just went out. This night just keeps getting amazing, doesn’t it?! No end to it. And to think of the fact that I was just about to hit the sack. Sob. Why the hell did I have to check what was on TV. Damn my latent obsession with TV. Too bad when your hubby is working away from home. I miss the hubby. Bah.

But today was a good day, all in all. I actually took care of one of them ‘monsters’. I went ahead and bid farewell to something I had meant to for a long time. Quite amazingly though, I felt relieved afterwards. All it takes is just a little courage to say that two lettered word, No. So simple yet, perhaps the hardest word to utter in the world. Well that, along with Sorry, of course (Yes, I remember the song, duh!). Also, met up with one of my oldest friends, after a long time. Realized, old really is gold. Much more than just another line you hear. There happens to be quite a lot of truth to it.

It’s 2:30 in the morning now and little B just woke up to see why mommy’s still up. My children, I reckon, have grown quite used to mommy’s weird ways now 😉 But really, it’s so cute how her tiny smile made all of my retarded fear vanish in thin air, in just less than a second. I think i shall be sleeping now. Too drowsy to let the demons still entertain my crazy thoughts. But of course, with that little lamp still on 😉

By the way, power is still not back. Such is life.

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