Regarding Time

What is the deal with you, my dear time?
Never have I ever been able to deal with you in a propermanner. Your insistence upon not staying stationary is something that justescapes me.
Perhaps that is the bane of your existence. And mine too, ifwe care to think about it.
Such a curious creature, you are really. Most curious,indeed.
What do you do to us that we crave you as you once were or asyou someday will be and not as you are?
A pitiable way to be really; but more so for you, if youknow what I mean.
Your eternal obsession with constantly torturing us poormortals with your despicable tricks is just beyond me.
So what is the deal with you, my dear time?

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This blog, as a reflection (however shoddy) of its creator, is mostly about her, people around her, things that she's passionate about or not for that matter; among other things. This is where she practices her writing.

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