Starry eyed Wonders

Dressed in white and black, my dolls looked and felt likequeens today. This was their day, their way. Mommy had made sure thateverything happened exactly like they wanted.

They enjoyed every single moment ofit, fact is, even I haven’t enjoyed this much lately.

Being revisited by the magic of childhood is just so divine.Not a single soul in the entire ‘grown up’ world that I am accustomed to, canmatch the intense liveliness and sincerity of these little souls. They are justso pure, so naturally amiable, and so real.

When I go to pick my kids up fromtheir schools I make it a point to go and interact with their peers.I love it when I see that familiar glitter of acknowledgement in my daughter’seyes. Priceless!

I have come to realize that each and every one of my daughters’ friends is like my ownlittle chum. They lift me up whenever I’m feeling down, just by beingthere, just by being who they are. Still unpolluted by the harshness of theplace we like to call the real world. Still real, still magical.

My babies had an amazing day today and so did their mum. Perhapsthe child in me has not died, yet. Perhaps it never will. Perhaps I am retarded.I don’t know. I don’t even care, i guess.
But I tell you this; I would never want it any other way. Not ina million years. Ever.

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