No more I love you’s

Alright, I am well aware of the fact that this blog is nowincreasingly becoming more like a tribute to the 90’s music. Sigh. Damn it, Ijust can’t help it, can I? Nostalgia is my middle name and I am still addicted to thatmusic, like it or not.
Or perhaps it’s just the fact that you always seem to reverethe times when you were in your prime. The way I see it, today’s music, barringa few of course, can never even attempt to compete with the music that we werefortunate enough to experience in that decade. Also, I can’t really recall onesong these days that I would listen to only for its lyrics.
Anyway, this is another classic by Annie Lenox that I happenedto discover in my old (read: ancient) playlists today. I remember I fell inlove with the video the first time I saw it; though I didn’t quite comprehendwhat it was about at that time.

Powerful lyrics brought to life by Lennox’scommanding vocals, complete with a haunting video. You must give it a listen if you haven’talready. A treat through and through.
No more I love you’s by Annie Lennox

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