When the sky was green and the pigs could actually fly


There are quite a few things that constitute my memories about the 90’s. School, ugh, not wanting to study ever, bad grades, more school, even worse grades, irritating the hell out of my teachers, 19-D, summer vacations with cousins, a palpable sense of rebellion, MTV and of course my abnormal fixation on ‘Take That’. You’d probably wonder where that came from. Well these lads consumed most of the waking hours of the girls of my generation, and of course all of the sleeping ones. I remember discussing them in the Economics class, sitting for hours and hours in front of the telly to catch a glimpse of them since we weren’t fortunate enough to be blessed with the internet back then. We had to have every magazine mentioning their name, posters, cassettes, their interviews, you name it and chances are, we had it. I even remember that one of my friends started crying on the phone while breaking the news that the band had broken up, back in ’95! Yes, we were crazy big-time! It all seems so hilarious now when I think about that madness but boy, wasn’t it good while it lasted. There was even a time when I thought that I’d be marrying Mark Owen, no, wait, I was pretty darn sure. But then of course I grew up! 😉We all eventually grow up and grow out of weird things but good memories, no matter how retarded they may seem, always have a way of finding their way back and cheering us up in the darkest of times. Growing up takes so much of yourself away from you; your aspirations get lost somewhere in the silliness of reality and logic. So much so, that you even subconsciously condition your mind to dream about the things that you actually have the probability of acquiring. Dreaming without any inhibitions is a luxury reserved only for the early years of your life. I miss myself sometimes. I miss the obnoxious me. I miss my weirdness that I so proudly used to flaunt without thinking twice about it. Anyway, this song just brings so much back, it’s not even funny! And of course when it comes to nostalgia, I’m always willing to make many exceptions!!


3 thoughts on “When the sky was green and the pigs could actually fly

  1. i went through the exact same thing with backstreet boys waj..i had 3 cassettes of the same album i dont know why..posters were everywhere in my room even in the washroom :P… and yes tellin everybodyyy telly everybody what we did last nighttttt..was my fav song by take that


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