We Met at the End of the Party

Autumn always makes me think of so much. Such a peculiarly wonderful time to take a trip down the memory lane; to lament over the mistakes that could’ve been avoided easily and to cherish the bounties that’ve been bestowed upon me… so effortlessly. Autumn makes me think of this and so much more. Below is one of Philip Larkin’s best works and something that can perhaps also be termed as extraordinarily ‘autumnal’ in my opinion. Read it a couple of days back and knew that it just had to grace this blog with its presence.

We met at the end of the party
When all the drinks were dead
And all the glasses dirty:
‘Have this that’s left’, you said.

We walked through the last of summer,
When shadows reached long and blue
Across days that were growing shorter:
You said: ‘There’s autumn too’.

Always for you what’s finished
Is nothing, and what survives
Cancels the failed, the famished,
As if we had fresh lives.

From that night on, and just living
Could make me unaware
Of June, and the guests arriving,
And I not there.

Philip Larkin

Photo Credit: Photo Bucket

One thought on “We Met at the End of the Party

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