I just observed, I haven’t written anything fun for a long time. Not even for myself. Damn! My blog lately has gotten too heavy. It makes me look like a gloomy 70 year old, living the last days of her life. A definite no- no. I am not an overly serious person so why should my blog look like the miserable diary of a 70 year old? (You get the picture) Where in the world has the witty side of my personality disappeared to? Why am I not capable to spot excitement anymore? *shudders*! The very notion of turning into one of those miserable Aunties who have nothing better to do but go on (and on and on….) about how their children (and of course hubbies) don’t listen to them anymore, makes me feel utterly nauseous.

It is an outrageous thought to begin with, but this happens to many women and might happen to me too. An average woman is prone to losing her *Mojo* somewhere in the midst of raising her kids (more often than not, single-handedly), tackling in-laws and of course, tending to her hubby darling. And this universal virus might devour me too, for I’m not impervious, I’m but a human being!! Went to a cousin’s Mayun today, a truly vibrant girl and an adorable human being. Completely vivacious and enthusiastic about all the little (seemingly pointless) things in life. Spend an hour with her and she’ll make you feel like a rockstar! I am often amazed at how she sometimes reminds me of the way I was a long time back, long before I got accustomed to all that’s grave and ugly about life, in general. It is a clichéd thing to mention I know, but life is not a bed of roses, not even by a long shot. It makes you suffer a lot, mostly crappy stuff. Though this thought never quite bothered me before, I wonder why it has suddenly started giving me sleepless nights now. Much disturbing indeed.

Anyway, it’s getting too late. Am extremely tired and have to hit the bed. Wanted to write more, say a lot more, end the post in a proper manner for once, but will surely expire if I try to do so. Though I must do away with this distressing template and look for something more….me. Soon!…xxx

10 thoughts on “Slapdash

  1. It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along :)Life's responsibilities grow at every step I suppose. But I know you won't be the typical "Aunty". Just hang around with us at twitter and keep RT-ing 😉


  2. with time the excitement and cheerful attitude gives way to a very serious one but guess, the child inside should never die..seriousness should be there, but the cheerfulness should never die..hope u get back ur old attitude soon 🙂


  3. Wajiha,To be honest, I too have started getting these doubts. My greatest problem arises from the idea that everything that needs to be known about life has already been known. A big driving force for me to want to live had always been curiosity. But as I grow up, I can fit every phenomenon and 'cause-effect' relationship into certain narrow categories – be it human behavior or some new technological advancement or a scientific hypothesis. The novelty in various life-experiences is constantly on a wane. Not many recognize this happening. To escape this fear of irrelevance of one's life, we create artificial purposes for our life ("I want to get that promotion", "I'll lose 5 kg weigh in 2 months", "I'll eat healthy food", etc. etc.).So, I'm glad and I commend you for your honesty. Really, I do. :)Don't ask me for solutions, though. If I have, I will tell you. ;)Take care.


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