Oh Templates!

Perpetually baffled people should not be presented with a lot of choices as a rule, for more choices inevitably mean even more options and therefore more confusion. Options make me feel frighteningly queasy.

Until yesterday I was quite contented with the way my blog looked like, tasteful and pleasing to the eye. But yesterday, I happened to stumble upon a website offering free blogger templates. Ah-haaa! And how could I let free stuff go? It has always been one of my profound indulgences! Hence I started amusing myself with the many amazing templates that the site had to offer. During that process, I downloaded some thirty templates, out of which only a few actually worked….to my utter horror of course. *Sigh*

I had embarked upon this loser of a mission right after dinner and somewhere around 2 in the morning, I finally realized that my blog had sadly turned into a much distorted image of what it once was. So to cut the very long story short, after going through an extremely painful process, I eventually found this template that I’m using for my blog now. Although even remotely not what I had in mind, it should do for a month or so at least.

Of course those pretty templates are still out there to entice me towards their prettiness! And yes I can be tempted….yet again! But until I’m not, this will be the template of my blog!!

Photo Courtesy: SmashingApps

3 thoughts on “Oh Templates!

  1. LOL few days ago i found a site which offers free templates for wordpress… so i can understand how u felt… though in ma story i ended up using one of the templates that wordpress provide us gaahhhh :S cuz i didnt know wat to do after downloading 😦


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