Cruel Cruel Summer

The nauseating heat today reminded me of this long forgotten favourite of mine. Ok, maybe it’s retarded but it’s not my fault that it was the only song which automatically came to my mind when I woke up to a boiling morning today. And I have quite honestly been humming it since then. Although the song is in a slightly different context but still the unsympathetic sun reminds me of it somehow.

Gosh! Songs (read videos) back in the 80’s were obnoxiously hilarious, yet they had all of us enthralled like nobody’s business. And I won’t lie; I still enjoy some of those whenever I’m in one of my nostalgic moods. You can think of it as my guilty pleasure.

Anyway, enjoy the (cruel) summers and if possible this track by Bananarama. It has been covered by Ace of Base as well I guess. But nothing beats the vivacity of the original number……Or maybe it’s just nostalgia!

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