Me, myself and my soul sister

What sort of a blogger writes a post after a lapse of almost a month and has the nerve to be proud of that too?! Answer: An extremely lazy one like myeslf! And yes, I’ve tried over and over again to rid myself of this horrible writing routine but shucks, wouldn’t I lose half of who I am if that ever changes? So not fun!

I have been pondering over a lot lately about myself, my life, the people who surround me and the countless ways in which life affects me. Most of the people that I am familiar with, I have known for almost half of my life. But there are certain remarkable individuals that I had the pleasure of getting associated with later in my life; who now in many ways have grown closer to me. This is odd because, I’m one of those people who despite being blessed with many a friend, tend to shy away from forming deep, close relationships with most of them. I am not quite sure why this happens but I think it has got something to do with the fear of suffocation in a relationship:S

Anyway I got off the track….AGAIN! So the one thing that actually brought me to my lappy today, is my affection for one of those special people who have gradually but very beautifully managed to get close to me in a very short span of time. I just wanted to write something about her today. I might not make much sense but I just felt like it so here I am! Anika and I go way back, having studied at the same school practically since our childhood. But that’s not where our story begins, as believe it or not, we did not know each other at all while we were growing up! We completed school, graduated from college, did whatever the hell that we did for almost two and a half decades of our life without having even the slightest inkling of each other’s existence. But nature works in mysterious ways sometimes. We met again, some three years back or so and life since then has never been the same again, for the both of us.

There is something strangely unique about the sort of chemistry we have. It’s wacky but in a good way. As in I can talk about the retarded things with her that would freak my other girl friends out (who by the way shouldn’t feel left out as I luuuurve all of them a lot too and they know that!). It’s amazing really, the way we click, almost surreal. And this doesn’t happen a lot with me, I assure you. She in many ways has become my soul sister…..Me and Anika just rock together and we know that; there is absolutely no better way to describe that!

You don’t quite understand the way it ends? Well you don’t have to. Hence the Blog Title, “Random Thoughts” 🙂

One thought on “Me, myself and my soul sister

  1. Beautiful beginning -school, college – then beautiful lull – got busy with Life – Beautiful end – thanks 2 facebook. The last paragraph is real awesome."Yes, she is in many ways has become my soul sister…..Me and Anika rock together and we know that! You don’t quite understand the way it ends? Well you don’t have to. Hence the Blog Title, "Random Thoughts" 🙂 "


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