Sometimes when I look at my 6 year old, I see my reflection in her. Her dreams, her aspirations are so innocent but so concrete as if nothing’s big enough or strong enough to stand in her way. The other day she was telling me that she would want to become a painter, an astronaut and a teacher. The list seemed endless but I only seem to remember these as she often repeats these three.

As a mother I know I have to encourage her and tell her that nothing is impracticable but I do not want her to hope for something that she might never be able to construct in reality. As a mother I am also supposed to instill a difference between what’s real and what’s not in her young mind. Hopes can make you strong but they can also kill you if left unfulfilled. I would know of course!

But as much as I want her to see that life should not be based on that one dream, something stops me from doing it. Dreams can be very tempting and temptation has the ability to lure you in so profoundly that you are forever caught up in its vicious trap.

But then what would life be if there were no dreams or if we didn’t have the courage to dream dreams that were outrageous. So on second thoughts, maybe I should let her dream. Maybe I myself should dream too, or to put it more precisely . . . . . continue dreaming!

2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. You have quite a beautiful blog here:) Most of it I can relate to but some, not. Am not married and don't have kids yet. But I think one of the most important and beautiful aspects of one's childhood is the ability to imagine, dream, hope. I think it makes for a beautiful oblivion and sure life makes it hard to hold on to these dreams as we grow older but they are also the most beautiful memorable parts of our childhood aren't they:)and in some ways I think they make us who we are…Best of luck with her and keep the beautiful words coming!


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