Idle Mind.

I am not feeling well due to which I have decided to write. What a bakwaas excuse for something that should usually be done on an ordinary basis. My father says it needs to be practiced. I think otherwise. I think it arrives and when it does, by all means you should pay heed to the urgency. Something surely needs to be out of your system if you feel the need to write something. What am I writing? Perhaps nothing but maybe typing mindlessly is easing something inside of me. It’s taking some pressure off of me.

So this summer I am stuck with my girls, we were planning on a vacation but now have decided to spend the summers at home. Bummer! Oh well whatever. Khair, Aqsa is watching television, since we are confined to our home due to the increasing heat outside. And Batool is enjoying slumber, but will wake up anytime now. It makes me wonder as to why kids can’t freely roam around outside these days, as I particularly remember some hot summers myself, when we used to play outside without any “dar kkhauf”. No heat was hot enough to keep us away from playing “pakran pakrai” or “oonch neech”; having tremendous fun with our cousins; of course with our mums shouting in the background, begging us to come back inside. But where has it all gone now? I often wonder. Where are those kids playing in the lawns of their homes, where are the bloody lawns? Well, that is a completely different discussion altogether anyway.

But the sad part here is that unfortunately I myself would never want my girls to go play outside, no, not because of the heat, hell what are lemonades for! Although I pride myself on being a liberal parent; I don’t know what has changed in me but changed, I have. I am a friend to my kids, something I had always wanted, for if I am anything, I am totally against dictatorial relationships with your children. I am a firm believer of letting your kids make their own mistakes. But still I don’t know why I stop them from playing outside and having fun. Am I turning into a parent finally? Gosh it scares me to death. I would rather have them watch T.V instead of letting them go out and enjoy nature.

But anyway I don’t know, maybe I should not think about it too much and let the winters come. Maybe things will change then as they always do when the weather changes.

4 thoughts on “Idle Mind.

  1. you know all our lives..i dont know about others but i have been scared all my life of turning into my parents..people make mistakes and so did they after all we are all humans..but when we become parents we automatically do what our parents did for us..and theres nothing wrong with it..ofcourse ur scared of sending ur kids outside in this heat and terror of losing them in a blink of an eye everything changes..its ok to think like that..what i think you can do is arrage play dates for aqsoo with her friends from school or the kids next door..this way she can go out have fun in their house or invite her friends over..not to forget the beautiful parks near ur house..when the sun goes down or near sunset take the kids to the park..fresh air for you and ur kids i think its gonna be a gud change..


  2. awww,i am so proud of you.go sister!:D we both know writing is pretty much the only thing that we three have always loved doing.:)p.s.i miss the times when i went like "yahan ka sama tau dekhne dein!".lol.


  3. well yes aymen, it's something funny but i do see this happening everywhere. we all turn into our parents one day and so there is no evolution of any sort.and yes, i am thinking about taking aqsa to this park nearby ever evening. sitting at home watching television all the time can ruin a child's imagination!


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