I found a way

I must confess that blogging has hit me very late. I was not in the favour of it; not in the least bit. I just didn’t realize what good it could do to anyone to be pouring out their everyday ramblings on a thing as public as the internet. But now I know better. I for one have never been very fond of writing when I know the exact audience that I might hit; a tendency which I am still trying to get over. I get confused, dazed and sometimes the finesse of language leaves me in despair. But the fact that someone that I have absolutely no knowledge of, might be reading this; someone who might relate to what I write, somehow excites me. My unfamiliar reader motivates me and mysteriously brings me back my passion for giving words to my thoughts. A blog is exclusive in the sense that you have the satisfaction of knowing that whatever you put into writing could be read by someone or no one at all for that matter of fact and it will not matter a tad. It is a diary in a more public fashion; an introverted exhibitionist’s dream. I can now write without the trepidation of anyone judging me; while still having the power to share my life and my thoughts about many a thing with the world out there.

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